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seo tools.

Please note that this site is a parody and I do not recommend any of the things I placed in this directory (except that wonderful current SEO Book)

free seo tools.

Black Hat SEO >> SEO Firms
Those SEO firms who provide exceptional value to themselves.


Keyword Sales [1]
There is no such thing as legitimate one time price keyword sales for the entire web.

Untargeted Traffic [1]
Jerks who spam you offering thousands of untargeted visitors.

Use Pay Per Click but Make it Sound Organic [1]
Some SEO firms spend a couple dollars on pay per click but try to make the text sound like they are selling organic positioning.


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In a previous life I actually hired these guys. Shawn had to give me a full refund (less the PayPal fees) because they took too long to optimized my site for junk keywords.
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