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seo tools.

Please note that this site is a parody and I do not recommend any of the things I placed in this directory (except that wonderful current SEO Book)

free seo tools.

1P / Traffic Power [1]
The only company in the entire Black Hat SEO directory bad enough to get their own category.

Artificial Link Popularity [19]
Learn how to make your site seem popular really quickly.
Reciprical Link Spam not from SEO Companies [9] Semi Reciprical Links [2] 

Artificial Traffic [7]
Learn how to boost perceived web traffic.

Buying Links [1]
Information on how to buy links incorrectly.

Cloaking Scripts [1]
Information and services pertaining to spider delivery software.

Cold Call SEO [2]
SEO companies who attempt to waste your time and money by calling you out of the blue.

Cutting Edge Techniques [2]
Learn about modern black hat ideas.

Doorway Pages [1]
People who create pages just for search engine spiders which clutter the internet.

Free Clicks from Pay Per Click Search Engines [3]
Many pay per click search engines offer free signup click bonuses to entice new customer signups.

Free Content [2]
Learn how to add valueless content to your site free.

Junk SEO Software [1]
SEO software I do not recommend buying.

Keyword Selection [1]
Learn some of the most popular keywords on the web.

Link Software [1]
Software which automates the process of link gathering.

Literature [3]
Books with the search engine secrets. Many of which are nostalgically outdated as a free bonus.

SEO Firms [8]
Those SEO firms who provide exceptional value to themselves.
Use Pay Per Click but Make it Sound Organic [1] Keyword Sales [1] Untargeted Traffic [1] 

Web Site Submission Software. [16]
Web site submission software.
Foreign Registration & Translation [3] 

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