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seo tools.

Please note that this site is a parody and I do not recommend any of the things I placed in this directory (except that wonderful current SEO Book)

free seo tools.

Black Hat SEO >> Literature
Books with the search engine secrets. Many of which are nostalgically outdated as a free bonus.


Banana Website Marketing
Their spam states "Banana Website Marketing - The secret to getting 1 million hits in under 90 days!" - if they actually knew this they would not have to SPAM me!!!
Hits: 288

SEO for Dumb Dumbs
Learn it all in a day. 13 pages to success (or not) "Brilliant. A must-read. Ahead of its time. Ground breaking."
Hits: 356

Search Engine Optimization on an Extreme Budget
$10 wire comb pamphlet I accidentally purchased earlier last year. Excitingly outdated and exceptionally short on content!
Hits: 312

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