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seo tools.

Please note that this site is a parody and I do not recommend any of the things I placed in this directory (except that wonderful current SEO Book)

free seo tools.

Black Hat SEO >> SEO Firms
Those SEO firms who provide exceptional value to themselves.


Keyword Sales [1]
There is no such thing as legitimate one time price keyword sales for the entire web.

Untargeted Traffic [1]
Jerks who spam you offering thousands of untargeted visitors.

Use Pay Per Click but Make it Sound Organic [1]
Some SEO firms spend a couple dollars on pay per click but try to make the text sound like they are selling organic positioning.


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Traffic Power
Lots of bad news about these guys. One of their hucksters even called me.
Hits: 447
They can't even been found by searching for their domain name on google. Cold call and e-mail you a list of ranking on keywords they somehow put together from you site.
Hits: 455

SEO Specialists
The title of his SPAM he sent me was "Re: Chasing Google’s Algorithm" which is kinda funny considering the popular article I wrote about it which spread through the web.
Hits: 558

Their spam email states that they have "the unique ability and relationships with the major search engines to guarantee top rankings for keywords that are most important for your company."
Hits: 577

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