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Please note that this site is a parody and I do not recommend any of the things I placed in this directory (except that wonderful current SEO Book)

free seo tools.

Black Hat SEO >> Artificial Link Popularity >> Reciprical Link Spam not from SEO Companies
Those who send automated link requests to me without even reading my name (which is on every page of my site.)


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All The Health
His link page was unoranginezed garbage and he literally had nothing other than that and a blank home page on his site...what an idiot!
Hits: 488

Alex - the Jack of All Trades
"Dear Webmaster, We have visited your site ... exchanging the reciprocal links." - free tip: use my name and do not try 5 sites at one time!
Hits: 238

ABC Online Casinos Insider
Scumbag does not even reciprocate the link before spamming asking for his link.
Hits: 220

Cheap Cigarettes Here
Spammed me...
Hits: 219

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